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Kid's Page

Here are some links to fun sites for kids!

The Great Green Web Game: Shows how you can reduce damage to our environment by making effective consumer choices. (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Planet Protectors Club: This site has games, puzzles, coloring, a comic book, and some detective work! (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency--U.S. EPA)

Handy's Kid's Corner: Fun programs, events and cool contests that will help you learn how to protect the environment. You may even win some cool prizes! (Earth's 911 Environmental Hotline)

Recycle Rex Recycle Challenge: Take the Recycle Rex "Recycle Challenge," download movies and newsletters and fun activities! “(California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery)

Recycle City: There's lots to do here--people and places to visit and plenty of ways to explore how the city's residents recycle, reduce, and reuse waste. When you leave you'll know much more about what you can do to help protect the environment. (U.S. EPA)

Environmental Kids Club: Fun things for kids to learn about the environment, including garbage and recycling. (U.S. EPA)